Thursday, September 1

MY HOUSE HUNT WAHALA by Ayodeji Abiyeye


Life always seem good when you have less to worry about they say. Yes! less to worry about. As a young man living with his elder brother in Oshodi, the commercial centre of Lagos state, I have less to worry about because my elder brother whom I live with resides in a room self contain. Everything was soft and easy and I live my life gently with less stress until our Titanic ship hit the iceberg. My brother got us into a big trouble using his womanizing skills on the landlord's last daughter. We got a quick notice with the assurance they will return our remaining rent fee. And so we got ourselves into the house hunt wahala.

House hunting was hell compared to what I expected it to be like. We got help from friends that gave us some local agents number and we also found some on local advert billboards. There was this time an agent took me and a friend to check a house out. On getting to the agent office, we paid him the inspection fee after so much negotiation. On getting to the house, we discovered the house has no fence, no water and the building is  so low and old. I got furious and requested for our money back, he tried calming us down and then persuaded us to check another house he has around that area. We agreed and we left having a doubt this guy is not going to do better. Like it's a foreseen vision, our doubt was proved right. The house looks exactly like the twin brother of the other one we were coming from. That was how I lost it totally and demanded for my money back. We had a fight but someway somehow, we got into a truce. We found an apartment at last but the money we spent, the stress and the energy that was wasted was quite enough to do other things in our life.

Shortly after this House hunt wahala, I got to know about through a friend I shared my Pathetic story with. He told me about how helped him in getting an apartment easily with no stress at all. He told me about how considerate their customer service is and how good their agents were. I decided to check them out on When I checked the site and saw the way they operate, it hurts me I had not known earlier. The coolest part is that all their properties have well descriptive images of the properties. That saves a lot of unnecessary inspection fee, gives you the pre-inspection service 3 thousand naira would have given you and also helps you make a quick decision. Had I known before, my house hunt wahala would have just been fun, adventurous and educational instead of the loss of energy, time and money.


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