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HAUNTED- Ayodeji Abiyeye



                                CHAPTER ONE

Panting and sweating profusely, I adjusted myself up on my bed. I just had a terrible nightmare. Still trying to suppress my fear, I fell back on the bed looking lost and confused. After getting myself a little, I searched for my phone to check the time.
 “Where is my phone”? I muttered.
Trying to stand up to check the other corners of the room, I discovered I was completely naked. This is strange because I don’t sleep naked. Even if I want to, not completely naked with not even a boxer on. Then I noticed some other strange things that gave me more concern look. I can’t find my phone, I can’t find my laptop, my wrist watch and some of my clothes.
“Have I been robed”? That was the first question that came to my mind.
Even if I have been robbed, will the robbers also steal my cloth and I won’t even know?
 “That can never be possible” I said to myself. Then I decided to check the most ridiculous thing I could ever have checked for. I checked my anus if there is any sign of you know… penetration. This is a new world where extreme strange things happen. So, you can’t blame me completely for doing such a thing.
Still confused about everything, I picked up the cloth I can get my hands on and aimed for the door to ask any of my neighbors if they noticed anything strange the previous night. It feels so strange to me thou.
 How could I have forgotten everything that happened the previous day? It was like if someone formatted my memory.
 I got to the door again to discover another complete season of another entire misery. The door was locked from outside.
“What!!! Are you kidding me? How possible is this?” This and so many other questions ran through my head like a stream of information transferring at a Giga hertz frequency speed.
What else to do, I banged the door hard, calling the names of my neighbors for help. Soon I got response from the other side of the door. Most questions were…
“Dude! When did you get back? Who locked you inside? Are you ok?”
Not minding any of their useless question, I asked them to help me with the door. They asked for the extra key which I have none. I told them to break it. Breaking the door, they all rushed inside asking me the same questions they asked before.
I told them “am still a lot confused about the whole situation”. I asked if the house was robbed and they all replied “no” and at the same time asking me “why?”
 I had to tell them about my missing stuffs. Then Lizzy asked me, “When did you even get back?”
 I replied, “Get back from where?” She looked at me and said,
“Seriously?” Leaving me with annoyance.
Lizzy happens to be my best friend and also my best neighbor. We know practically everything about each other, we do things together and people mistake our friendship for dating most time.
Still very confused about the whole issue, I decided to fix my door first before attending to other issues. Who can say, the robbers that can rob me without me noticing can still be around.
After the door was fixed, I immediately went to Lizzy’s room. With annoyance written all over her face, she snubbed me immediately I entered her room. I sat gently on her chair trying to prevent her from throwing things at me, and with extreme caution asked.
“What do you mean by when did I get back? We still saw last night right?”
 She looked at me with a scornful look for some seconds. While she is doing that, I was preparing myself to either grab something to cover myself or run away from the room. She stopped and continued arranging the room that was already arranged.
Seeing the type of house cleaning she is doing, I knew I was in for it. I then decided to leave her to calm down with the intention of getting back to the matter later. And so, I left for school.

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