Wednesday, October 5





I was totally not myself all through the lecture period of that day. I was so lost in trance and imagination. 

‘Have you ever wondered how some things happen to you with no meaningful explanation to it?’ 
That exactly was the way I felt that particular day. But I said to myself

“I got this, I surely got this”
After the lecture hours, I headed home straight not even minding the abuse am going to get from my friends.
Normally, we do hang out at the end of every day hard work. We do catch up on gist about lecturers, course mates, girls and the general social trending subjects. But that day, my mood was totally off.
I got home, went straight to my room without my normal ‘neighbor amebo’ gist and locked the door just to have a good lone time to myself.

“This can’t be heard of. Who is going to believe I can’t remember a whole 3 days of my life. That’s like a total blackout. But no matter what, I will get to the root of this” I said to myself.
I managed to get something to eat and I immediately found my way into bed later that evening. 

“Let’s wait for what the next day have in stock” I said to myself.

My belief was, after a good night rest, I might get some of my memory back. Nature called and slowly my eyes shut into darkness.


My eyes suddenly opened, my heart beating faster and my temperatures rose up higher than the abnormal. Something woke me up. It’s the noise of some scattered things in my room. 

“This rats again for Christ sake” I said to myself. 

“Can’t they retire and just leave my room for once”.

The problem is, I have roommates who don’t pay the house rent with me. I don’t also know their names just because they are not humans but rats.

The only thing rats don't do in my villa is read books. Who knows if they read books, they would have known little courtesy. But every other thing we do, they do. We eat noodles, they eat more noodles than we who bought it. We watch movies, well... I have seen a rat looking at my laptop screen once. And at that moment, I was watching a movie. Most rats all over the world tend to disturb at a particular time of the day. But in my villa, it’s always all day round. 

We’ve tried so many measures to keep them in check but, an uncompleted bushy building next to us will never let them reduce in number. 

I normally stand up whenever I hear noises like that before, but not anymore. Am so tired of these rats and I cannot allow them to kill me. So, what I normally do whenever I hear these noises is just to on the torchlight in that direction even with my eyes close, and they will stop. Once I off it again, they will start. So sometimes, all I do is on the torchlight all night long.

I woke up the next morning to re-arrange my room as usual when I noticed something unusual. Thou rats can scatter anything but they sure can’t throw my clothes down from the wardrobe even if they are very big. 

‘It’s not just their style.’

I arranged them anyway. After all, I might have done that myself and probably forgotten. At least, am still trying to remember 3 lost days of my life.

The 2nd night, the same thing happened and I did the normal thing I always do, shine the torchlight at them and go back to sleep. But on the 3rd day, I decided to open my eyes and see what the problem with these rats really is.

Should I know what’s coming to me, I wouldn’t have opened my eyes because, what happened next changed everything. 

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