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MY HOUSE HUNT WAHALA by Owei Elizabeth


MY HOUSE HUNT WAHALA by Owei Elizabeth

Scouring through a city I've never been to for an apartment is not something I wished to do by myself, unless I have all the free time in the world which apparently I didn't have.  I decided I would not end up making a decision by myself and be stuck with an apartment that I don't like for the whole school year. I never wanted to compromise on value for money, safety, location and convenience. 

My name is Elizabeth. My mum had called earlier to find out if I had started the search, she knew I couldn't do this on my own and she felt sorry for not being able to accompany me. She promised I’d be fine and advised that I shine my eyes (which meant be conscious of the people that I dealt with). I had called a number I saw on a house hoping to get one of the apartments.

The man explained that he had other properties he could show me since the one I called for was above my budget. He said I was to pay a fee which would enhance the process, which I did. The next day I called, he didn’t pick my calls neither did he return them. I searched for another agent who will take me to see another house the next day. I waited at the spot where he told me we would meet, he never showed up. That was when I knew that #MyHouseHuntWahala had just started.

I decided to check the online platforms and I came across   I had this feeling that I had gotten to my last bus-stop. I searched through the properties they put up for rent and found it easy to get a good apartment at a location closer to the school.  All I had to do was call the customer service and fix an appointment to see the property; I was not given any condition before I could see the house neither was I charged any fee.

The next day was when I would be seeing the house, I pondered if I would get the same treatment as I have received from other agents. That night, I got a text message with the details of the agent. I placed a call through to him to fix the meeting point and time and we came to a conclusion. It was easy to find Akoka bus-stop and I didn’t have to call the agent because he was already waiting for me to commence the inspection. I got there, found the place attractive.

It was a serene environment with ample parking space though I didn’t have a car. It also had all the nice things I’d want in a house and most importantly, it was within my budget. I wasted no time as I quickly paid for the house and was glad I used
So, #MyHouseHuntWahala got resolved by just using the Platform.

Elizabeth Owei

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